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Gabriella is an Engineer, has been working for 6 years as Project Manager for different Multinational Companies in Profit Sector (Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Packaging and Innovation, Automatic Machines). After a volunteering experience in Ghana in 2016 and in Kenya in 2019 to empower Women Entrepreneurs through a Microcredit Project, she has decided to change her path. She attended a Master in Fundraising Management for National and International Cooperation, and in Euro Project Management in 2018.
She has worked as Partnership Developer for the University of Bologna in 2019 in order to create a liaison between Companies and the University. In 2020 she has worked in Lebanon with an Italian NGO, Institute for University Cooperation as Project Manager to develop a Cooperation Project REESTART in the Development Sector in order to promote Energy Efficiency and boost Lebanese Private Companies. In 2021 she started working as a consultant in Environmental Sector and right now, she is the Founder of Green Growth Generation – a  participatory platform to boost green growth by connecting eco-communities.

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